Premium quality wins over hearts and minds: Guangzhou OneLink Walk shop grand opening

       15 October 2011, Guangzhou: The excitement of the National Day celebrations had not yet receded when Swiss Balco launched a new wave of luxury goods in Guangzhou. That day, Balco’s brand spokesperson, Bosco Wong, made an appearance at OneLink Walk, Tianhe district, for a Balco meet-and-greet, and a shop opening ceremony. The event was a success, as shown by the many media outlets, fans and movie watchers who attended. The event drew huge crowds and was filled with excitement.

       Balco management and Bosco Wong cut the ribbon for the new shop at OneLink Walk. The decor was consistent with the distinguished style of Balco watches by blending classical architectural aesthetics and innovative display techniques, to create an artistic space with quality shopping services, in a minimalist and subdued luxury setting. Those looking for watches to wear on practical occasions, or as collectibles, or simply wanting classic designs, could find their favourite from Balco’s comprehensive series of watches. In addition, they could enjoy extraordinary service and a premium shopping experience in an elegant and comfortable environment.

       At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Balco’s senior executive said the company had established a presence in more than 30 shopping centres in Guangzhou, while the opening of a shop in OneLink Walk represented another solid step forward in developing the mainland market. Management said Balco had an unwavering determination to invest in the Chinese market, and was very grateful for the opportunities for sustainable development. The company will continue to improve its sales network, while providing premium timepieces and quality service for luxury consumers in China – a brand goal and commitment.

广州见面会 1.png   广州见面会 2.png

       As one of the leading characters in the nationally popular TV drama, Lives of Omission, rising TVB star Bosco Wong said he had a profound relationship with Swiss Balco. “I am very happy to be in Guangzhou for my second meet-and-greet. I am very impressed by Balco’s minimalist and elegant shop.” He added that working with Balco was a win-in because of the company’s unique brand concept of “crystallising wisdom in a simple and elegant form,” inspiring him to be open-minded and hungry for success. In an interview he said, “The relentless pursuit for art and the obsession for perfection in details are what Swiss Balco and the actor in me share as faith.”

The star-studded meet-and-greet wowed the crowds with exciting dance routines and entertaining interactive games, attracting cheers and applause. The climax was a Balco Watch performance featuring Bosco Wong and a legion of models to show off Balco’s new products for 2011, including its four new series. The Velocity Series emphasised dynamism, while the Sincere Series highlighted feminine elegance and wisdom. The Dynamic Series demonstrated its stylish and sophisticated design, while the Mechanical Series has a rational, aesthetic appeal. Balco’s artistic wisdom and unremitting commitment to create the world’s top watches was evident. The showcase performance by Bosco Wong and models perfectly communicated the “personality” of each series to the audience. Not only did everyone witness close-up the modern, gentlemanly and fashionable Bosco Wong, but also Balco’s unique brand philosophy of “crystallising wisdom in a simple and elegant form.”

       Bosco Wong interacted with fans afterwards, posing for pictures, giving out autographs and souvenirs. His cordial and friendly disposition won the audience over. 

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