New watches for 2013 released

     Balco, the premium watch brand from Switzerland, has in 2013 launched new watches under its four signature series. With their stunning charm, the new watches sent shockwaves around the luxury watch market for the new year. The new watches adhere to the essence of Balco watches: “the crystallisation of wisdom from time.” With superb craftsmanship passed from generation to generation and perseverance to the art of watchmaking, the watches allow wearers to feel a unique status and sense of luxury.

2013新款 02.png

Brand-new ‘Gold Series’

       Balco’s classic “Gold Series” features a simple and classic dial, while wisdom shines through due to elegance and the overall style of subdued refinement. The new, two-carat gold watches for men and women continued the simple and elegant tone of the Gold Series, but without dimming the extravagance and vividness. The stainless steel case and the 18K “rose gold” outer bezel create an extraordinary style, which makes the wearer look elegant and dignified. The brown leather strap fits the wrist perfectly and conveys a leisurely attitude towards life. It is also equipped with a custom-made, Swiss, fully automatic mechanical movement; anti-scratch sapphire crystal, spiral-shaped transparent case back; and is waterproof up to 50 metres.

2013新款 03.png

New models in the Dynamic Series

      The Dynamic Series sets the heart going! Balco’s Dynamic Series watches bring out the classic charm in men. Continuing the large dial and multi-level classic design of the series, the additions introduce black and white as new colours. The subdued charm and metallic materials represent the newest additions to the Dynamic Series. These men’s watches add to the popularity of the wearer, simply because they are the perfect interpretation of taste and a pro-active philosophy towards life. Also equipped with Swiss, custom-made mechanical movements, with exposed rotor, anti-scratch sapphire crystal, date display, and a timer function in hours, minutes and seconds, plus waterproof up to 50 metres.

2013新款 04.png

New models in the Sincere Series

       Sharing an endless embrace is perhaps the dream that most couples aspire to. Balco’s Sincere Series, new couple watches, are made of sterling quality materials, which are as everlasting as love. Stainless steel watches represent this faithful and eternal love. The alternating rose gold strap is delicate to the touch and fits snuggly on the wrist. The strap represents the entwining of hands. The circular case is a testament to lasting love, which becomes richer and deeper over time.

2013新款 01.png

New models in the Alluring Series

       The Alluring Series is popular among many distinguished women, with its elegant diamond design, which sparkle along with the wearer’s own beauty. This year’s three flagship models use the bold colour choices of blue, purple and white, leading the new fashion trend of the season. The case is adorned with fine diamonds, exuding a dazzling sexiness. The series is not only the desire of any beauty-loving woman, but its elegant, refined qualities express Balco’s impressive history.

      It is evident from the launch of these new watches from Switzerland that in terms of fashion and the selection of materials and craftsmanship, they have been carefully designed. They not only combine Balco’s high standard of watchmaking and a century of unparalleled craftsmanship, but they also fully demonstrate how much Balco respects time. In the accuracy of every minute, Balco also strives for visual aesthetics, so that the glory of achievement on your wrist reflects the unrivalled charm of the brand