2014 stands the test of time

       As we bid farewell to the old year, watches make the best gifts for the new year. Selecting a timepiece to be worn around the wrist is not just a simple purchase, it should also be a cultural experience, an opportunity to delve into history. That is because watches are vehicles of times past, as well as messengers of hope for the unknown. In the upcoming Year of the Horse, Balco, with its one hundred-year history, will create a new definition of classic elegance by unveiling a new series of wristwatches. They are the perfect choice of gift for that special someone, to encapsulate your hopes for the New Year, shown by wearing the timepiece around your wrist, to witness together an extraordinary 2014!

2013年底新款 1.png

 ‘Gold Premier’ Series  distinguished status

Gold Premier Series men’s watches are highly recognisable because of their classic style. The watches in this series use Swiss custom-made mechanical movements, keeping to the theme of excellence in the series. The quality is, as always, extraordinary. Behind the minimalist design is dazzling glamour: a stainless steel, gold-plated bezel and strap, and a dial inlaid with four real diamonds. Status is distinguishable at a glance.

       Gold Premier Series is a legendary work of art from Balco, having constantly re-interpreted the brand philosophy. The series maintains the extraordinary achievements of the brand and is undoubtedly the present of choice for the New Year.

2013年底新款 2.png

New model from the Dynamic Series has unique charm

       The model reflects wisdom and courage. The overall style is tough, yet simple and mature, and conveys status. The stainless steel case and strap show masculine courage and fortitude. The dial is simply handsome by design. The wavy pattern is a creative carved finish, highlighting the beauty of the details and the professional pursuit of excellence. The sword-shaped hands are simple but powerful representations of wisdom. The model is available in two options: stainless steel only, and stainless steel alternating with gold. The subdued charm represents the latest expression of the Dynamic Series.

2013年底新款 3.png

New models from the Alluring Series win hearts

       The entire design of the watch is unique and blossoming with brilliance. Decorated with high-quality stainless steel, the large, round bezel design is nostalgic for the last century. The surface of the delicate and graceful case is decorated with a string of inlaid crystals. Every detail represents a confident and elegant temperament. Droplet-shaped time marks are inlaid with gemstones, for a refreshing and elegant design that reflects the shimmer of stars. The spade pattern on the dial makes it an even more interesting and vivid watch.

2013年底新款 4.png

New models from the Chic Series fuse beauty and temperament

       The beautiful and refined watch incorporates shiny adornments, brilliant stainless steel and rose gold to create perfect elegance. The case, inlaid with gemstones, is graceful in shape and the craftsmanship is exquisite, creating a beautiful sparkling combination, along with the strap of the overall same colour but interspersed with gold. On the dial are time marks showing hours and minutes. The small dial that shows seconds is even more delicate, simple and tranquil, graceful and fashionable. This represents the noble quality of Balco.

       Since its founding in 1926, Balco has led the industry through its innovative craftsmanship. Whether it is a timepiece handed down through the decades, or the latest design in 2014, every watch is a showcase of time-honoured craftsmanship accumulated over the past century, as well as demonstrating an unremitting pursuit for perfection. Owning a Balco watch is an extraordinary event that transcends a century.

       The new models adhere to the essence that Balco watches consistently embody: crystallising the wisdom of time. We use superb techniques passed on from generation to generation, and persistence in the art of watchmaking, to let the wearer feel a unique respect and sense of luxury.