2014 Balco watch models reflect your golden moments

       Time is like a mighty river: it takes away the good times of our youth, but it precipitates wisdom and friendship that stand the test. In the flow of time, we grow, fall, fail, succeed, suffer, laugh and experience challenges, but every time we dust ourselves off and continue forward. After many years have passed, when we look back, what we harvest is what we truly own: our life of wisdom. Swiss Balco watches understand this philosophy of life. They use elegant and mature designs to present “charm on our wrists” and make the best companion in the workplace. The exciting 2014 collection is presented by Balco.

Golden moments presented by Balco

       Swiss Balco Gold Series watches adopt an all stainless steel case and bracelet, and use rose gold as a bold choice for embellishment in the all-steel design. In addition to the bezel, which is plated with 18K rose gold, the strap also has rose gold elements to coincide with the theme of the series – namely, “Gold.” The black 42 mm dial is quietly luxurious: the real diamonds on the time marks shine on your wrist. The “W” display adds functionality to the watch, while the use of sapphire as the crystal makes it incredibly scratch-resistant. The Gold Series watch uses a Swiss custom-made, fully automatic mechanical movement that keeps time with precision. The transparent case back allows the user to appreciate the precise operation of the mechanical movement. The 50-metre waterproof capability makes it more adaptable to a range of environments and suits the needs of more occasions. Swiss Balco Gold Series watch: classic, handsome, a wonderful record of the wisdom of life.

2014新款 1.png

Speed and passion: Velocity Series

       The Velocity Series watches from Swiss Balco use an ETA7750 multi-functional mechanical movement to safeguard the multi-purpose timekeeping function. It is capable of storing 48 hours of kinetic power. The owner can appreciate the inner workings of the movement through the transparent case back. The stainless steel case is plated with rose gold and paired with a brown, all-leather strap and all-rose gold double butterfly buckle, creating a harmonised beauty. The super large dial measures 45.6 mm in diameter, making reading easier. Under the sapphire crystal on the black dial, there are three small dials that can fulfil the various functions of timekeeping. The day-of-the-week display and 50-metre waterproof capability add to the usefulness of the watch. Whether you are on a business trip, or enjoying a relaxing break with your family, the Velocity Series from Balco is your expression of individuality and your perfect partner to record every moment with precise timing.

2014新款 4.png

Reprising classics, timepiece legends

       The vintage-style collectible watches from Swiss Balco reprise the large-dial design, using white on the dial and sapphire as crystal. On the white dial, there are 12 Roman numerals marking the time, for a dignified and handsome look that reproduces the elegant, low-profile design that was popular decades ago. The watch measures 40 mm in diameter and suits general occasions: whether you wear a suit or a polo shirt, you will still appear debonair. The small dial showing the seconds is Balco’s way of paying homage to antique pocket watches from yesteryear. The fine time marks show the charm of minutes and seconds passing. The rose, gold-coloured case and hands are minimalist but add to the low-profile luxury of the watch. Accompanied by a brown crocodile patterned calfskin leather strap, a classic is reprised.

2014新款 3.png

Suave and cool, between action and tranquillity

       The Dynamic Series of Balco Swiss watches put an emphasis on the expression of individuality. Inside skyscrapers, urban men and women have their ideals and aspirations. They work hard, but will not give up on their individuality and lifestyle just because of life’s trials and tribulations. After a busy day, they calm down with a cup of tea. These men and women are the new forces in society and they build the future. Balco watch designers are moved by their raw power, so they have created the Dynamic Series to highlight their unique personality and to record their emotions. The stylish design complements the paradoxically static and dynamic soul of the Dynamic Series.

2014新款 2.png

Remembering each other, witnessing everlasting love

       The Sincere Series couple’s watches from Swiss Balco are beautiful because of love, and because they are created to celebrate love. Every second and minute engraved on the dial chronicles the happiness of lovers. The stainless steel dial, inlaid with diamonds, bears witness to a faithful and eternal love. Simple, elegant and delicate elements baptised by time are like each and every steadfast romantic relationship: they inject simple and valuable feelings into our life, letting love blossom for a lifetime of promise on your wrist!

2014新款 5.png