Journey back in time for an appreciation of the art of watchmaking

       As autumn draws closer and with winter descending upon us, watchmaker Swiss Balco – whose brand philosophy is “crystallising the wisdom of time, passing on the philosophy of time” – is hosting personalised static exhibitions in Handan, Beijing, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and other cities, in order to appreciate the art of watchmaking. The exhibitions present life’s golden moments through vintage locomotives and a “time platform,” artistic performances and interactive games, so people can enjoy journeying back in time.

       As time flew by, trains witnessed the tremendous changes of cities. They recorded life, marked by joyful reunions and sorrowful departures. They will also witness the rapid development of cities in the future. In response, Swiss Balco decided to use a time platform and vintage trains to present a journey of golden moments, so that every visitor can relive the good times. In the watch show we see the passage of time, as trains speed into the future. After time flies, the train reaches its destination and embarks on a new journey. On the journey, there will be all kinds of emotions. Not only will there be trains, but there will also be Balco watches to chronicle the journeys.

       Aside from the static exhibition of vintage train and time platform, Swiss Balco has also organised interactive games, a glamourous catwalk event and dancing performances, in an attempt to create a journey through time, through the medium of various art forms. Also available at the venue is an instant photo service. Guests are encouraged to pose and take printed photos as souvenirs. Guests also stand a chance of winning exquisite giveaways to commemorate their wonderful trips down memory lane.

  Through culturally rich and romantic performances, Swiss Balco uses watches and vintage static exhibits to tell the story of time and present the beauty of mechanical movement. In the chilly weather, Swiss Balco takes you on a heart-warming journey to rejoice in golden moments, appreciate the art of watchmaking and enjoy yourself.

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