New watches for 2015: exquisite ‘mechanical’ rhythms to express life’s ‘golden’ moments

2015’s new watches from Swiss Balco adhere to the brand philosophy of “crystallising the wisdom of time.” With superb technology passed on from generation to generation and an insistence on the art of watchmaking, Balco enables the owner to feel a unique respect and sense of luxury.

2015新款 1.png

Gold Premier Series: Ultra-thin watches

        As we grow, we may fall, but we dust ourselves off and continue. What we get in return is our own unique take on life as we grow wiser. With a bezel plated with 18K gold and a white dial with radiating patterns, the watch has a deceptively simple, refreshing look. The gold-coloured case is paired with a black embossed leather strap, expressing elegance and decency. Through the transparent case back, the mechanical movement can be appraised. This is a classic masterpiece you simply must own.

2015新款 3.png

Velocity Series watches

       Swiss Balco Velocity Series watches come with an ETA7750 multi-functional mechanical movement to safeguard its multi-purpose timekeeping function and can store up to 48 hours of kinetic power. The transparent case backs let you enjoy the fine operation of the movement. Stainless steel alternates with electric black to make the watch look even more suave. Under the sapphire crystal on the black dial there are three small dials, which spin with speed and gusto. The extra-large dial makes reading more convenient and meet the various timing needs. Whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying a leisurely break with your family, the Velocity Series is your perfect companion for every moment in life.

2015新款 4.png

Golden Premier Series: Couple’s watches

       The Golden Premier Series of couple’s watches daringly selects a stainless steel, electric rose gold case. The bezel is plated with 18K rose gold. Together with a brown, genuine leather strap, they create a warm and elegant ambience, a unique “chocolate” sweetness. On the brown dial there are regular guilloche patterns with radiating curves. The tip of the second hand bears the Balco mark and the whole is essentially a fine work of art. The dial and lugs are inlaid with real diamonds, dazzling, but also expressing a loving and timeless sentiment.

2015新款 2.png

Watches from the Mechanical Series

       A love of mechanical movement is everywhere. Swiss Balco watches come with transparent case backs so you can quietly appreciate the complex movement and listen to the regular ticking sounds made by the gears. This model sports a low-key rose gold look and the dial is engraved with an oversized grain pattern. The black dial is inlaid with a gemstone to make the watch look even more profound. The Swiss, fully automatic mechanical movement is the best guarantee of perfect timing in the Mechanical Series. The clasp is a unique B-shape that stands for Balco. The beauty is in the details of the design.

2015新款 5.png

Watches from the Sincere Series

       People the world over are fond of using time as a measure of love, therefore watches have become the most precious objects for lovers. Long-term companionship is a pursuit that people past and present have pursued. The fact that time and metal are closely interwoven leaves no doubt that a watch is the best blessing for love.

With unique and refined engraving, a finely embossed bezel and easy-to-use crown, every detail is the embodiment of refinement. The shape, the composition and the style are all classic elements, in addition to a strong retro charm that evokes a lingering love.