Here’s March! 90th anniversary new models launched!

       It’s March 2016 and Swiss Balco is celebrating its 90th anniversary! It is launching new models under the Velocity, Alluring and Fantasy series, which are true to the brand’s image of being high-end, dynamic, fashionable, elegant and refined in showing the unique charm of Balco watches. Each model is a new product of century-old wisdom and modern innovations from Swiss Balco.



      New product from the Velocity Series: the king of functions, launched for 90th anniversary!

      Passion is not only reflected in sports. As a wise person racing against time, Balco watches are here to help.

      On the dial is a neatly placed timekeeping sub-dial; blue hands sweep around the silver dial with incredible dynamism; “1926” marks the superior Balco craftsmanship watch as nearly a century old; and the stainless steel strap fits perfectly on a man’s wrist. Now you also receive a blue, genuine leather strap that suits business occasions. Whether it is precision or the unique design, the Velocity Series watch can meet your taste.


      New product from the Alluring Series: elegant and sleek, launched for 90th anniversary!

      The silver-white dial is delicately engraved with a shell pattern and inlaid with pearl-like gemstones. The flanks of the bezel are crafted so as to inset nine gemstones on each side, each shining brightly and reflecting feminine charm. The case and the lugs form an elegant arc, perfectly fitting a woman’s delicate wrist. The hemispherical beads inlaid in the strap are polished to give a sheen that fully highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch. What makes the watch even more precious is the fact that the elegant case matches the Swiss, custom-made fully automatic mechanical movement, which keeps time with great precision over the long-haul. The watch is the epitome of womanly charm!


      New product from the Alluring Series: graceful and brilliant, launched for 90th anniversary!

      Through the sapphire crystal, the elegant black dial made with mother-of-pearl, is elegantly complemented by two simple willow-shaped hands. Nine gemstones are inlaid on each of the upper and lower sides of the bezel and express the auspicious idea of “everlasting.” Meanwhile, the stainless steel case is interspersed with rose gold, which glistens with elegance. A U-shaped, hollowed-out buckle is inlaid with gemstones, shaped like a graceful women, someone to fall in love with at first sight. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement that meets daily wear requirements; the slender shape and sparkling gemstones burst with female charm.

       For the past 90 years, Balco has kept true to its goal of “crystallising the wisdom of time and passing on the philosophy of time,” producing perfect designs and offering superb craftsmanship that are the crystallisation of wisdom.