New product in the Mechanical Series: Blue, the colour of choice, is boundlessly charismatic

       Blue is a colour of vastness: it is the colour of the sky and the sea.  It is the favourite colour of the queens of kingdoms of yore and also a stylish colour of the present. The new Balco watch released under the Mechanical Series adopts blue as its main colour.  The watch resembles a long river of romance in which love swims.

It is a symbol of nobility 

       The stylish and trendy design represents the everlasting aristocracy. The combination of the fascinating royal blue dial, the logo written in beautiful calligraphy and the strap made of embossed cowhide of the same colour highlights a man’s wisdom and elegance that contribute to his noble temperament.

It is a symbol of loyalty 

       It holds your hand and stand by you all through your life.  It kisses your eyes and gives you a lifetime of affection.  The date display at the 3 o’clock mark is commonly known as the ‘eye of God’.  The name originates in the Bible from the protestant church in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe.  This eye of god symbolises the purity and loyalty of love. 

It is a symbol of eternity 

       Time is the touchstone for testing true love.  Only the extraordinary love can stand the test of time. Combine the Roman numeral hour markers with the ancient mystery and the bar scales, match the unique pear pointer, ticking, like a note-like jump, for us to record the beautiful moments in love.

       Blue, the colour of choice, is boundlessly charismatic.

       Say goodbye to the boring colours.  Gentlemanly and retro, the deep blue instantly makes your wrist look completely different. This new entry in the Balco Mechanical Series is equipped with a Swiss custom-made mechanical movement which adds to the guarantee of accurate time-keeping.  It is the best choice for charismatic men.

       Enjoy your leisurely time in love by walking hand in hand and weave your wonderful time together into a string of memories.

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