New product launched for Father’s Day: transforming into the extraordinary

       Balco Swiss Watch celebrates Father’s Day by launching a new watch infused with the primary colours that represent youthful trends and fashionable tones.  This new product interprets fatherly love of a different kind using the stylish spirit and attitude. 

Jet black dial represents men’s inner wisdom 

The new glamorous dial with a gradient black colour resembles the mysterious starry sky.  The dagger-shaped markers at the four quarters and the eight simple round markers are succinctly simple, removing complexity from the dial and creating an enticing essence.  The gentle ticking sounds are soft and gentle murmurs that speak of a man’s maturity. 

With a sophisticated appearance on the outside and the wisdom on the inside, this watch boasts a muted, quiet brilliance, which can be achieved as easily as that. 

Rose gold accents perfect for being out and about 

This new mechanical watch with the code 1141AM3596M employs smooth lines to create a timeless and exquisite shape.  The delicate rose gold case is complemented by sword-shaped hands.  This combination highlights the harmonious beauty of ruggedness and flexibility.  The classic glistening black cowhide leather strap is comfortable and fits snugly to the wrist.  Quite rightly, the watch exudes extraordinary charm.

Transparent back cover shows the intricate inner workings 

The transparent back cover lifts the shroud over the internal structure of the watch.  The delicate operation of each gear shows the beauty of a mechanical watch. Memory is preserved and love is imprinted by every turn of the cogwheels. 

Love remains steadfast in the flight of time 

Feel the rhythm of the watch movement.These sounds coming from within the watch day after day are reflections of our ambitions with this watch and also our craftsmanship. 

Every exquisite watch is only complete with the warmth that you bestow upon it. 

Every relationship between a father and a son is no different: such a bond is only perfect with the warmth made possible by each other’s company.

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