Balco watches: empower you with vision and insight

       The ancient Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once said that observing the world through one’s own eyes and understanding life with one’s own heart is a kind of spiritual interpretation of the independent thinking and self-cognition of things and of human lives; a mental record of the pursuit for spiritual purification and inner harmony. To a professional watchmaker, continuous innovation and progress in material selection and design is a lifelong pursuit that gives each watch a unique soul. This is also the highest level of watchmaking. This time, we will experience how colourfulness of the world and the extraordinary taste through the charm of the new watch from Balco’s Mechanical Series.

       The design adopts German Schott glass to find the perfect breakthrough in technology. The anti-glare treatment resists interference from light source and can help reveal the details and style of the watch more clearly. The unique and highly personal three-dimensional trapezoidal mirror gives the watch a new and smart appearance and perfectly shows the handsomeness and wisdom both inside and outside. Exquisite and delicate, the suave appearance conceals exhilarating energy.

       The black dial with inlaid gemstone is like the pupil in your one: it contains all the wisdom and deep thinking, quietly watching this stormy yet tranquil world. The black cowhide debossed leather strap and steel strap watch can be switched freely. Such ease is also found in how you balance between work and life. The custom-made fully automatic mechanical movement, coupled with the date display the hour and minute hands deliver precise timekeeping and help you avoid missing any wonderful moments in life.

       Swiss craftsmanship and meticulous production. The eyes resting on your wrist bears witness to every small passing of the time.  

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