Waterproof performance

Every Balco watch is equipped with a waterproof rubber ring to keep water at bay. However, these waterproof rubber rings may gradually lose their function due to reasons such as natural aging, temperature changes, external collisions or contact with beauty products. If vapour appears under the glass of your Balco watch, this means the waterproof performance of the ring has deteriorated. We recommend periodic visits to our repair centres for water testing, especially before intensive use of the water resistance function. Continue reading

Maintaining the appearance

Watches are high-precision timing instruments and art jewellery. Correct usage and maintenance are essential to extending the life of the watches and their precision, as well as the appearance of the exterior parts, making your work and life more convenient and fulfilled. For more information, please click to read the text for details. Continue reading

Movement maintenance

Regular maintenance of the wristwatch ensures that the movement and other components run with accuracy and extends the service life. Click for more information or visit Swiss Balco Watch shops, counters, or authorised repair centres. Continue reading

Adjusting the watch

Please read this before wearing and using the watch to understand the correct adjustment method for a seamless wearing experience. If your watch comes with complex functions, please visit a Swiss Balco watch shop, counters or authorised repair centre, where Balco professionals will be at your service. Continue reading

Points to note

The lifespan of a watch depends on its proper use and maintenance. For example, wearing the watch while taking a bath or a shower, not removing stains on the exterior, having a strap that is too long, not having the movement cleaned or the battery replaced over a long period of time, or using the watch in an inhospitable environment, will easily lead to watch damage watch and shorten its lifespan. The proof of purchase and warranty certificate should be kept properly. When you have a problem with the watch, especially when the battery is dead, or when moisture has entered the watch, have your watch repaired immediately to avoid damage to other parts. For repairs and maintenance, please visit Balco’s authorised repair service centres for comprehensive services. Continue reading

Common watch labels in English

In addition to the brand of the watch in English, what do the commonly used labels written in English letters found on a watch mean? Click to explore. Continue reading

Proper maintenance the movement and appearance of your BALCO watch

As each part of a Balco watch is carefully crafted, we recommend professional testing on a regular basis to ensure high quality at all times. Nevertheless, external factors, frequent use or aging over the years, are likely to damage the original quality. We will provide you with some suggestions to help you maintain your watch.